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My first post!

Hi everyone,

I am Katrina of Katrina's Bespoke cakes and this is officially my first blog post.

This feels a bit like when you by a new note pad and you have to write really neat on the first page or the book is ruined forever. That being the case, and the fact I've just scared myself that i will ruin my new website, I will keep this short.

I will use this blog to show you things we are making at the moment, ideas for the future, videos on how to make things and to share with you my general cake loves and musings.

This week has been a big step for me, I have decided that I would like to make cake decorating my only job. This is a scary step, but one I have been dreaming of for many years. Wish me look :)

I really hope someone will read this and I wont be typing to myself...lets see!!

Thanks xx

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